Earthquake Coloring Pages

If you’re after some really cool coloring pages for your children or students (kindly provided courtesy of the USGS) then look no further as we have a complete collection of planet earth and earthquake themed coloring sheets ready to download in PDF and GIF format.

Major Earthquakes Of The 20th Century

In one minute an earthquake destroyed this city with the most extensive ground rupturing ever witnessed by mankind. Huge differences in the shaking of ground on sedimented rock versus bedrock gave geologists a new understanding of earthquake hazards.

Types Of Fault Lines

Faults are classified by the direction of movement between their opposing faces. These movements can occur slowly and continuously or in large sudden shifts that can deform or rupture the land surface. Either way it’s the direction of these movements that characterise the actual fault types and we’ll try to cover these below.

What Are Fault Lines ?

The ground beneath our feet is not as solid as it seems, and the earth’s crust which is just 1-2 miles deep is riddled with such cracks and areas of weakness. These cracks or fault lines are unevenly distributed meaning they exist at multiple points within the earths crust, some are under water others beneath mountains and even major cities.

5 Earthquakes That Shook The World

For centuries natural disasters have etched their names into history, and earthquakes in particluar have remained one of the most feared kinds of natural disasters. This article will focus on sharing five of the most destructive earthquakes to have ever hit us.

How To Survive An Earthquake

Mother Nature can be an evil woman, she has the ability to strike quickly, violently and often without remorse. The helplessness you experience when trapped in an earthquake is quite unique and in a simple sense extremely humbling. The ground is against you and your balance is adversely affected.